Operating in Hig-Sec

Visit us in Sarum Prime

Highsec Hauling

Our hauling fleet provides contract processing and 1-Day delivery up to 1.000.000 m³

Public Stations

We offer public t2 rigged structures with low re-processing and research costs.

Rent an Upwell®Structure

Your Corporation is not eligable to anchor an Athanor? You simply don't want to be a war target? Rent a citadel!

ORE®Mining Supplies

As ORE® Platinum Partner we built and distribute high quality ORE®Ships, Fittings and Crystals

Arms Industry

Going to war? We provide Ammunation and Drones for very little ISK.

Strong Community

With FI-MC initative we founded a strong and independent force of Miners and Industrials. Join us today!

FI-MC Members

Federation of Independent Mining Corporations


Strong and reliable partnerships to success